Sunday, October 07, 2007

Rube Goldberg Machine

Found this at One Man's Blog.

This video is as cool, or possibly even better, than my previous post on Incredible Japanese Kinetic Machines.

In this video, the creators of this Rube Goldberg machine (a machine that performs a simple task in a complex way) have woven the kinetic reactions all over an entire house!

As it weaves it’s way throughout I can’t help to wonder if someone’s mom is about to come home and freak out at what the kids did when the parents were out of town or something (like with the 60 foot slip-n-slide).

Now, the funny thing is that this video was created by Ben Tyers and Tom Baynham (both scholars of Cambridge University with Master of Engineering Degrees specialising in Manufacturing Engineering) as a demonstration of their ability to create Marketing Virals. I’d say it worked… - Watch more free videos

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