Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life and Times in Port Aransas

Things here are about the same. We had a little cold front come down and the breeze is out of the north making in a little cooler and less humid. Good for most, bad for my sinus problems. I'm headed out to San Antonio tomorrow for an ultra-sound on my liver.

My friend the "Swamp Yankee" (northern redneck) is in town but I haven't seen her yet. Fixin to take the computer home and take a walk around town. Maybe I'll run into her.

Fishing as always is great here. The "Reds" are still running and they are even catching them by the ferry landing left and right.

As soon as I get better I will be back to hosting Karaoke at Lovett's. I really kinda miss it. Catch all of you later on. Weathers beautiful, wish you were here!

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