Saturday, October 06, 2007

Latest From Port "A"

Things here are winding up the the arrival of the "Winter Texans". There are quite a few who have already showed up, with many more to come. The "reds" are running and the fishing is great. My brother caught a 32 inch El Dorado dolphin yesterday. He was pretty excited about it. Roy and Linda came to Karaoke at Lovett's last night. There is a big poker run today and the expected number of bikes is from 700 - 1000. Karaoke again tonight at Lovett's and then another long 5 day weekend for me. Life sure is rough. Just wish I was feeling a little bit better. Might be visiting the hospital for a while soon if this crud doesn't clear up. That's about it for now, more later.

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1 comment:

Rain said...

I am going fishing in the morning. Yay me!

I hope you are feeling better soon.

Have a great week :)