Monday, October 01, 2007

Other Wonders of the World

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7 Unusual Wonders of the World

Our buddy WebUrbanist has tirelessly researched and assembled four different articles to compliment the traditional 7 Wonders of the World that we’re already familiar with. Now we’ve also got:

  • 7 Underground Wonders of the World
  • 7 Submerged Wonders of the World
  • 7 Deserted Wonders of the World
  • and the 7 More Deserted Wonders of the World
  • I highly recommend checking them out, and if you’ve got 30 seconds please show some support by Digging this one (I did!).

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    LOTGK said...

    Several years at Disney, We were on the Tower Of Terror, and the ride broke down. After about 30 minutes sitting in total darkness, the ride was pulled off it's track and we got to see the back of Disney. We were told immediately that no photo's were permitted but we got to spend about 10 minutes behind the scenes and then were escorted through a tunnel and back into the park.