Friday, December 09, 2011

Waking Up On The Wrong Day Of The Week

I woke up this morning, well, I say morning anyway.  It was actually about 30 minutes ago at 11:30, you know right around the crack of noon, and started getting ready, actually, I am all dressed up with no where to go. I thought it was Saturday and got ready to go to my daughter Dawn's house for my daughter Vanessa's baby shower, then while I was checking email I noticed that it is only Friday the 9th.  The shower isn't until tomorrow!  So I guess I'm gonna do the dishes instead.  Boy what a trade off!

I am loving it up here with my daughters right here.  It's great to be around them and part of their life again, I didn't realize how much I missed them!  Although they kinda treat me like a senile, old man, but then again, I guess I am a senile old man.  I love them to death!  They are taking such good care of me.  I am living with my daughter Billie and her partner Halle, there is another guy named Steve but he is moving out at the end of the month and I will have my own bedroom.

I have been spending my days on the computer while Billie and Halle are at work getting all the things done that I need to do to start school.  One thing I know that I am gonna have to do is put more RAM in this laptop.  It is way too slow for me to do school work on.  As I am typing this I get about 3 or 4 words typed and then it stops and I have to wait for it to catch up.  I gues my typing is just too fast for my computer to handle.  Other than that I am ready for my Redneck Home Schooling to start.

Well, gonna get off my butt and go load the dishwasher.  My contribution for the day, hell, I might even cook dinner tonight!

Peace + Love + Joy = PeLoJo (that's what I believe in!)

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