Thursday, December 08, 2011

DeeOhGee and the Pool on Pearl Harbor Day

Went to my Oldest daughter's house for the first time last night to have pizza and cake for my youngest daughter's birthday, everything is going fine until, DeeOhGee, being as blind as he is getting, walked smack dab into the smimming pool, and it was cold out, Vanessa bent down and snatched him out and he had steam emanating from his whole body, If the consequences could not have been so bad it could have been really terrible cause it was really cold, hovering around freezing. However, the DeeOhGee is alive and well, laying right next to me now as I type.  Every now and then he will paw the keyboard like he has something to say.  Gonna really have to keep an eye on him over there.  All in all it was a great evening and when I got home Billie had spent the time to rearrange my living area to make it more comfortable and did a really great job.  I have a study, work desk, dresser with all the drawers for me, she even refolded all my clothes and sorted them by type and color!  It's 32 degrees out right now at 08:52 in the am and I'm hoping the sun comes out and warms everything up, I need to go for a walk today, but not if it's cold out, I'm shooting for at least 45 degrees before I venture out. Well that's the latest from Arlington, oh yeah, while at Dawn's last night I got a call from Ronnie at the Tarpon Ice House and got to talk to quite a few friends, thanks for calling Ronnie, perked my night up hearing ya'lls voices.  That's it for now, will think of more, later!

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