Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Spoken Words

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Things Kids Say

  • Kids' Ideas About Love
    -- 5 to 10 year olds expound on love and marriage.
  • Kids' Ideas About Science
    -- 5th and 6th graders illustrate scientific principles for the layman.
  • Kid Quotes
    -- Young children make hilarious observations.
  • Exams and Papers
    -- 7th through 12th graders give creative wrong answers to exams.
  • Stupidity

  • Warning Labels
    -- In today's litigious society, products need ridiculously obvious
  • Employee Performance Evaluation Quotes
    -- Evaluating the performance of the less proficient employees.
  • Bad Predictions
    -- Famous last words about science and technology.
  • Twins
    -- Some people have comic ideas about what being a twin is all about.
  • Anecdotes of Stupidity
    -- In the general public, you can't hide from stupidity.
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