Sony DCRSR60 CamcorderWell, One Man’s Blog has continued to grow in every category I tend to measure, be it Technorati, Alexa, Feedburner or simply traffic stats. As a result, the advertising that I’ve placed on the site has been generating excess cash beyond what’s required to keep my dedicated servers running, and I’ve decided the best thing to do is give some back!

So, I’m happy to announce the implementation of the OMB Member of the Month Contest! Here is the deal… At the beginning of each month I’m going to announce the OMB Member of the Month winner along with the prize for the upcoming month. You can do either (or both) of the following to qualify:

  1. Subscribe for e-mail updates. This makes sure that I have your e-mail so I can contact you if you win, and it allows my readers that don’t have Web sites to still have a chance at winning.
  2. Create a post with at least one link back to any OMB article during the contest month. Please make sure to leave a trackback on the post you link, or drop me an e-mail, so I can keep track.

To make sure we start out with a bang, the first ever prize is going to be a Sony DCR-SR60 Hard Drive Camcorder with a retail value of $599. Great for video blogging because there is no tape! Record to hard drive, then USB it right into your computer for uploading!

I bought this as an evaluation unit and it’s been opened and tested one time only.

Now, I’m not promising that every month will be a $600 prize, but I will tell you that every prize will be something that I would personally love to receive. And as most of you probably know by now I’ve got some tasty toys.

Details I’ve already thought through:

  • If you win I’ll ship anywhere in the world. I don’t care where you are! So, everyone is eligible.
  • Winners will be chosen by a random drawing which I’ll have my wife select while blindfolded (or at least not looking).
  • If you do something spectacular to help promote this site it will earn you extra entries. (Like start a Digg, Stumble, or Reddit storm, create graphics or improve my theme - or anything else generally kick ass.)
  • The rules may be changed a little here and there to keep things fair if I’ve forgotten anything. Please ask questions if you see glaring holes in the plan.

If you’re going to enter via a blog article, how about helping spread the love about this contest? And if you don’t have a Web site but are a regular reader, perhaps it’s time to get an e-mail subscription (top right of the page) so I can include you too? See my privacy policy if you have any concerns.