Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lickity Bits

Why didn't I think of this?
clipped from www.lickitybits.com

Bit Wraps - Real Apple Training Aid for your Horse

Real Apple Training Aid for your Horse

The Lickity Bits™ Bit Wrap relieves stress when bridling your horse. Made with real apple for ultimate flavor, taste, and texture, your horse will not want to resist taking the bit any longer.

Simply wrap the Bit Wrap around your horses bit and watch the stress ease instantly for both horse... and rider!

Our Bit Wraps are great for training young horses to enjoy taking the bit, as well as older horses who have become sour about taking the bit.


  • Natural Ingredients

  • Soft and Pliable

  • Covers Cold Bits

  • Melts in their Mouth

  • Handy Re-sealable Package

  • Long Shelf Life


  • Tasty Real Apple Treat

  • Pleasing Texture

  • Eases Stress

  • Great Tasting

  • Easy to Carry

  • No Waste, No Mess

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