Friday, April 09, 2010

Too busy to go back to school, but need a University Degree to get ahead?

Get a Deg gqpc ree in 4 to 6 We nxjt eks with our pro gvvra gram!

~We of wzuts fer a pro fww gram that will help ANY b ONE with profe w ssional expe jzd rience
get a 100% ver psp ified De rutgi gree:
Doct ntonqk orate (PHD), Bach zq elors, Ma jadaol sters
- Think about it...
Wit cycl hin a few weeks, you can bec aale ome a co emc llege gra uwwjxi duate!- Follow YOUR Dre rf ams- Live a better life by ear wke ning or upg yej rading your de fn gree

This is a rare cha uwbqq nce to make a right move and rec cbqqq eive your due
ben dmjfu efits... if you are qua fhkys lified but are lac voxiff king that pie ox ce of pa wlpp per,
Get one from us in a fra g ction of the time.



It is your move...
Make the right deci zod sion.

Due to time zone vari xdwy ations acr tc oss the country, a repre dl sentative may not be in the of iazml fice at the time of your call.
If that is the case pl v ease leave us a me mkohgv ssage with your name and ph hdyrfk one number and we will get back to you as so sdbn on as poss zu ible.

Do Not Reply to this Email.
We do not reply to text inq srtqsh uiries, and our ser gxkrbv ver will reject all resp dg onse tr er affic.
We apo lnxvxo logize for any inconv ey enience this may have ca qpub used you.

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