Wednesday, December 05, 2007

6 Quick Ways to JAZZ-UP your photos

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beFunky - This is by far my favorite tool. With beFunky you can take any of your photos and turn it into a cartoon like drawing. You can either convert it into a black and white sketch drawing or into a colorful animated painting.

Rasterbator - Looking for DIY-style wall-sized poster?
This tool lets you take any image and convert it into a huge (up to 20 meters), awesome looking, rasterized wall poster.
MagMyPic - Fun website where you can turn pics into cool magazine covers.
MagMyPic - Put Your Photo On Magazine Covers
ImageMosaicGenerator - Here you can get a mosaic version for any image you submit.
ImageMosaicGenerator - Online Image Mosaic Generator
Graphita - Graphita is a quick online app that lets you add some fun to pics by using captions, funny objects, speech bubbles, notes, doodles and more.
Graphica - Animate and Enhance Your Images
Photo2Text - Photo2Text is a simple web tool that lets you convert images to text files and download them to your computer.
Photo2Text - Convert Photos To Text
You can also check out earlier posted ‘5 really powerful Online Image Editing Tools,
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